Vinyl is the best choice for windows and patio doors. Vinyl is a superior frame material and sustainable. Here are a few quick facts:

Strength: Vinyl construction allows the corners of frames to be welded for maximum strength. Welded corners are also watertight and airtight. 

Energy Efficiency: Vinyl provides better thermal performance than any other window material.

Lifetime of Performance: Unlike wood and other construction materials, vinyl windows and patio doors will not need replacement due to age.

Maintenance Free: You’ll never need to paint or stain a vinyl window. Earthwise products made with Sunshield technology will not weather over time.

Sustainable: Did you know one of the main substances used to produce vinyl is derived from abundant natural salt? Vinyl is also 100% recyclable.

Window Description

"u" Value


Air Infiltration

Window Efficiency Factor


Capitol’s Best Value Earthwise Eclipse DH With XL70 Superglass





45% more efficient than Energy Star standard   ​

Energy Star Criteria (Maximum Values) 





Least efficient Energy Star rated window

Existing Wood or Metal Frame Windows with Clear ​Double Pane Glass





All windows are different, and have different performance or efficiency.  We have heard many times from prospective customers that “a vinyl window is a vinyl window” but like anything else some are better than others. The three primary criteria in judging a windows performance are:  

- The “u” value 

- Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

- Air Infiltration

All of these factors are tested by independent testing laboratories for all window manufacturers. The lower the Window Efficiency Factor, the more efficient the window. Below is a table showing the Energy Star minimum standards and windows commonly sold in our market.  If you are considering other products, simply ask for a structural and thermal test report for the window to see how it compares.

Polaris Colors

Personalize the look of your replacement windows with Polaris® painted vinyl windows and patio doors. Choose from a range of colors to create a visual effect that is truly your own. Add a layer of sophistication to your home with Polaris®. Unique, high-performance coating specially formulated for PVC Semi gloss finish • Color matched contour internal grids, caulk & coil*‡ Painted screen frame • Crack & impact resistant • Touch~up paint included • Resists strong solvents, heat gain and thermal shock. 

Replacement And New Construction Windows

When we started selling vinyl windows in 1984, you had two color choices: white or beige. Things have certainly changed since then as we now offer multiple interior colors or wood grain laminates, as well as paintable and stainable pine. On the outside, we offer 22 different colors, plus the ability to custom match your color with the Rainbow Color program. That means we can offer you 72 standard color combinations, plus the option to custom match the color of your choice.

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