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The first major decision that needs to be made is determining what type of door you want. We order our doors from Masonite and Polaris.

Both doors offer you great quality at an affordable price. These doors are of a higher quality than typical ones seen in most home centers or lumberyards. Most off-the-shelf doors are known as builder grade and are mass-produced in one or two sizes and very limited in style. Our doors, however, are available in a wide variety of sizes and glass styles.

Unfinished Entry Doors

Whether you want a plain door with no glass or an elaborate full glass door with beveled glass, we have options to meet your needs. If you would like to build your own door, click the button below to view the options.

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The beauty of an unfinished door is your opportunity to paint it any color your imagination will allow. The color spectrum is limitless!

Our doors are available in insulated steel or fiberglass models and quality installation is key. With multiple door suppliers, several handle set options, dozens of glass styles and still more available extras, your door will truly be unique.